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Simultaneous interpretation

We provide interpreters for simultaneous translation during conferences, seminars, symposiums, forums, presentations, congresses, etc. 

In order to provide simultaneous interpreting service, we engage only the leading interpreters having extensive (15 to 25 years) work experience and good customer feedback. 

Simultaneous interpretation means interpretation made simultaneously with the speech of the speaker. In such a case, special equipment should be used (earphones, receivers, interpreters' booth, interpreters' consoles, microphones, etc.). Simultaneous interpretation, in contrary to consecutive interpretation, allows to safe the time of a speaker. Simultaneous interpretation is very significant for events spoken in several working languages.

To make a request of interpreters or preliminary calcalution, you may call us by (+380 44) 238 26 29 or (+380 44) 486 05 85; send your request by e-mail:; visit our office at 19-A Dmytrivska St., Kyiv, Ukraine; or request it online.

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How do we provide our services

 Our success is based on high qualification, good experience of providing services for high profile international events, including government events, smooth team work fit to specific customer requirements and subject area of a particular event. We engage highly qualified translators and interpreters providing translation and interpretation services and technical support for events of any format.


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