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Consecutive & simultaneous interpretation

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Highly qualified and experienced interpreters

In order to provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting service, we engage only the leading interpreters having extensive (15 to 25 years) work experience and good customer feedback. 

Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

For specific workshops, conferences, lectures, negotiations, presentations, business meetings, we provide services of translators based on a particular subject area.

Subject areas: business, finance, accounting, securities, investments, marketing, foreign economic activities, telecommunications, e-business, gas and oil, fuel, geology, air conditioning and ventilation systems, power engineering, nuclear power industry, electric equipment, cement production, construction, agriculture, transport, international law, corporate law, criminal law, human rights, copyright, defense, sociology, mass media, advertising, elections, refugees, antimonopoly policy, food industry, ecology, sports, medicine, healthcare, pharmaceuticals industry, chemistry, cosmetics, and others totaling 97.

We are justifiably proud of our interpreters and technicians recognized for their high professionalism.

You may request interpreters online:

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Practical experience in providing international events

For years of our activities, we have gained extensive expertise in providing simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services, equipment for simultaneous interpretation, sound equipment, and equipment for presentations for the international meetings, negotiations, conferences, symposiums, press conferences, seminars, forums, including but not limited to:

1st National Medical Congress with international participation on Antimicrobial Resistance, Global Chalanges (2021)

Recognition of Foreign Educational Qualification. Academic mobility. Quality of education (2020)

MasterCard Day 2019

VIII International Dairy Congress 2015

5th session of the Forum of the Council of Europe for the Future of Democracy01

14 the Annual Conference and General Meeting of the International Association of Prosecutors

Official visits, meetings, phone conversations of the Prime Minister of Ukraine (since 2000)

7th European Ministerial Conference on Mass Media Policy

8th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth

VIII European Ministerial Conference on Migration

International Energy Forum 2008

Oil & Gas 2008

Third Annual Conference of International Association of Anti-Corruption Agencies

Ukraine-EU Conference02

Worldwide Jewelry Confederation's President Visit

Press Conference of NATO Secretary General

Kraina Mriy Ethnic Music Festival

Intel's Press Conference

Microsoft's press conferences and presentations

Ericson's Press Conference

Conference of Hop Growers Association

Samsung's Press Conference

Telenor's Press conference

Mittal Steel's Press Conference03

Presentation and Press Conference of Ringer Publisher Group (Switzerland)

National Forum of Twin Cities

Official Meeting of the Registrar of International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

Ukraine-Troika EU Meeting

Official Meeting of Prime Minister of Ukraine and German Consulting Group of Economic Reform

Working Meeting of the Council of Europe

Conference of British American Tobacco

Round Table of the Center for Applied Policy Stratagema and London Information Network on Conflicts and State-building (LINKS)04

Ukraine-NATO Symposium

Conference held by the Council of International Research and Exchange

Investment Forum within the framework of Barvista Ukraine Exhibition

First Swiss-Ukrainian Business Forum

Fencing Federations Congress

MBI and MBO Club Meeting

Philip Morris Press-Briefing

Session of the General Assembly of International Council of Women

5th Pan-European "Environment for Europe" Ministerial Conference

and many others

How do we provide our services

 Our success is based on high qualification, good experience of providing services for high profile international events, including government events, smooth team work fit to specific customer requirements and subject area of a particular event. We engage highly qualified translators and interpreters providing translation and interpretation services and technical support for events of any format.


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